Hope watched Ellie Kendrick's short play SILLY GIRL at the Royal Court theatre in winter 2015, performed and written with Jason Barker, and thought what a good short film it would make. NOWNESS were commissioning a series of work based around DEFINE GENDER and this was a perfect fit. Ellie, Jason and Hope recrafted the script into a screenplay, and shot the film in July 2016. Jason reprised his stage role for his on-screen debut and was joined by the brilliant Ciara Baxendale and Mollie Lambert.

Jason Barker and Ciara Baxendale on location under the Westway in London

Jason Barker and Ciara Baxendale on location under the Westway in London


As well as Ellie, Hope worked with many other collaborators from The Levelling - including casting director Kharmel Cochrane, Script Supervisor Francesca Brooks, Hair and Make Up Designer Bean Ellis, Composer Hutch Demouilpied and Rachel Clark - focus puller on The Levelling - stepped up to shoot the short on 16mm film. Wonderful new collaborators were also found: amongst them Producer Loran Dunn, Editor Laura Carreira, Costume Designer Rachel Hopkin and a brilliant post team of Ryan McMurray (Sound Design) and Paul Willis (Colourist).

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The story sees a 40-something trans man recalling and reliving his first romantic entanglement—a universal experience that deepens in complexity when we view it through the lens of his gender history. 

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We hope to have some festival screenings in 2017, but the film is also available to watch on NOWNESS